Global sea rise migration within 40 years

Here, we consider rapid climate change on Earth, no matter the cause, resulting in drastic global sea rise for next generations of humans based on the ongoing disintegration of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) since May 2014, Greenland ice loss from 2002-2016 and glacial melt around the world. (See also, “Ramp-up In Antarctic Ice Loss Speeds Sea Level Rise,” Sea Level Change/Sea Level News, NASA, June 13, 2018.)

Utilizing the 3×3 Global Drills process, any six people or less in any organization(s) can amend the working outline below. It offers a simple but comprehensive structure for how all humans, working together, even in indirect ways can create synergies of effort over 40 years to migrate inland a majority of each vulnerable coastal urban population center on Earth.


Cosmic – Americas

National (USA) Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) monitoring of oceans. NASA/Industry plan and launch space-based solar power satellites to power globally distributed infrastructure.


Cosmic – Africa-Europe

European Space Agency (ESA) space-based solar power satellites to power globally distributed infrastructure. Construction of launch facilities from Somalia to Tanzania, taking advantage of centrifugal force of Earth to assist escape velocity. (See also German Research Center for Geosciences-NASA project, “First Laser Light for GRACE Follow-on,” Sea Level Change/Sea Level News, NASA, July 2, 2018.)


Cosmic – Asia-Pacific

Ongoing satellite monitoring of weather patterns by Chinese National Space Administration (CNSA) and Japanese Aerospace and Exploration Agency (JAXA).


Individual and Societal – Americas

Learn from Cuban public health and literacy programs. Prolonged and steady evacuation can sustain Brazil, Argentina and Mexico as new global economic engines.


Individual and Societal – Africa-Europe

Replicate academic structure of “ancient” European universities and Plato’s Academy globally while preserving local customs and values.


Individual and Societal – Asia-Pacific

Learn from Arab women on family management. Necessary vaccines. New schools and universities inland.


Environmental – Americas

Build new small resilient cities in “Tornado Alley,” Amazon Basin and Patagonia.


Environmental – Africa-Europe

All African coastal urban centers are of concern. Copenhagen, Hamburg and French Riviera are of strong concern.


Environmental – Asia-Pacific

Lessons of December 26, 2004 Asian tsunami: Listen to indigenous populations. U.S. Navy seawater desalinators can be force for good across Asia-Pacific.


In September 2017, within the confluence of a United States-North Korea nuclear crisis, a 7.1 earthquake in Mexico City and Category 4 and 5 Atlantic hurricanes hitting eastern sections of the Americas, I offered a wider context in which to consider global sea rise, that of solar system resilience:



More in the way of personal narrative as to how and why I created the 3×3 Global Drills process from 2005-2012 is forthcoming via my YouTube and Vimeo channels in addition to occasional written pieces here on my blogroll.

Martin Schwab

Countering the gamma-ray burst threat within our galaxy

Artist’s conception of an orbiting donor star collapsing into a middleweight black hole from which gamma-ray bursts of radiation jet out in opposite directions. Image credit: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. Retrieved June 4, 2018.


As we fight each other for territory across Earth and artificially created scarcity-based money, gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) of potentially planet surface-life ending radiation occur at random moments by imploding stars outside and possibly within our galaxy. Current and near-future human generations on Earth and eventually across the solar system may not be able to deflect this natural lethal mega-force in space. Underwater and subterranean habitats offer interim protection from GRBs. As beautiful and nurturing as Earth can be in the Cinderella zone of our sun, if the human family stays confined to just one solar system, we could be eliminated. The following outline is based on nine confluences of the six 3×3 Global Drills perspectives – 1) Cosmic, 2) Individual/Societal, 3) Environmental (disciplinary perspectives) with 1) Asia-Pacific, 2) Americas and 3) Africa-Europe (geographical perspectives), forming a tight global human synergy against this and other existential threats:




1) Cosmic – Americas

NASA/Industry/Academia launches more GRB detection satellites to follow NASA’s 2008 Gamma-ray Large Area Space Telescope (GLAST)/Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope (renamed), the 2004 Swift and the 2000 High Energy Transient Explorer (HETE 2) satellites. See also the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (Ligo Scientific Collaboration) between Caltech and MIT.


2) Cosmic – Africa-Europe

European Space Agency (ESA) Russian-derived launch infrastructure (Arianespace) launches more GRB detection satellites to follow Italy’s 2007 Astrorivelatore Gamma a Immagini Legger (AGILE) and ESA’s 2002 International Gamma-Ray Astrophysics Laboratory Announcements (INTEGRAL) and XMM-Newton satellites.


3) Cosmic – Asia-Pacific

Chinese National Space Administration (CNSA) and Japanese Aerospace and Exploration Agency (JAXA) collaborate in developing new GRB detection satellites as other elements of national governments and multinational corporations in this region prepare individualized and communal habitats near population centers underground and underwater off the coasts.


4) Individual and Societal – Americas

Geert Hofstede’s World Map of Individualism [Dimension] is consulted to decide where to construct individualized and communal habitats near population centers underground and underwater off the coasts.


5) Individual and Societal – Africa-Europe

Same as above in regard to Hofstede.


6) Individual and Societal – Asia-Pacific

Same as above in regard to Hofstede.


7) Environmental – Americas

Same as Individual and Societal – Americas above in regard to Hofstede. Plus, U.S. Navy in collaboration with all navies of the Americas researches, develops and constructs large-scale floating platforms with underwater compartments to comfortably accommodate large populations further off the coasts.


8) Environmental – Africa-Europe

Same as Individual and Societal – Africa-Europe above. Plus, U.S. Navy in collaboration with all navies of Africa-Europe repeat and modify above approach to floating platforms as appropriate.


9) Environmental – Asia-Pacific

Same as Individual and Societal – Asia-Pacific above. Plus, U.S. Navy in collaboration with all navies of the Asia-Pacific repeat and modify above approach to floating platforms as appropriate.



Brief verbal overview of the GRB threat given at 2:51 of the following online course introduction from October 2014:


Visual representation of the 3×3 Global Drills Worksheet given at 0:24-0:36 and 3:10-3:20 in the following preview from October 2017 of pivotal topics to be addressed in future posts:


Interesting conjecture in terms of prediction modeling and shielding, possibly the topics of future posts as concepts and technologies develop:



Ideas for a global senate

National Assembly of Cape Verde, a unicameral body with 72 seats.


As humans around the world, born into the nation-state system through no choice of our own, now may be a good time to think about what kind of representative democracy can work best at the global level. We do not necessarily need to abandon our countries, even though at times they abandon us to forces of war and global markets that they seem unable to control. Leaders of our nations would do well to synergize corporate and military power for approaching seemingly overwhelming threats ( instead of trying in vain to balance negative aspects of power through the United Nations and other global institutions.

A global senate might consist of two senators from various geographical and population sizes of cultural bio-regions – existing natural and human divisions that are distinct in the context of our integrating world. For example, these might include the Great Lakes Region of North America, delineated from Ottawa to Louisville to Minneapolis; the Great Plains of North America, including but not limited to Nebraska and Saskatchewan; the Australian Outback (rural interior of Australia); the African Serengeti, the Eurasian Steppe and so on.

In terms of structure, a global senate might consist of 72 delegates representing 36 cultural bio-regions as described above; again, two delegates from each cultural bio-region, in some cases parts of large nations and in some cases traversing two or more nations of different sizes. Borrowing from the 3×3 Global Drills structure (, these 36 units of representation could be comprised of three sets of 12 cultural bio-regions from 1) Asia-Pacific, 2) The Americas, and 3) Africa-Europe; natural north/south oriented divisions that could also help organize global senate committee work.

Legislatures of nations in each of the 36 cultural bio-regions might elect/appoint one delegate with the other delegate being elected by the populaces of these cultural bio-regions, perhaps safeguarded through blockchain encryption. Proposed here is that this relatively small number of global senators might better deliberate in the interests of all people around our world if elected in this ultra-democratic way, inclusive of the interests of existing nations whether they are democratic themselves or not. Also, if global senators are elected as a cohort to serve together for one six-year term before another set of elected global senators takes up temporary global legislative duties, this could reinforce a strong balance between efficient decision-making and democratic principles.

Your own thoughts are needed from around our world

Our world as it is, compromised of powerful and weak nation-states and multinational corporations all guarding their own interests is an inherently unstable system. Chaotic events, particularly since the period from September 2001 to November 2016, itself a chaotic transition may be the logical outcome of the world system into which all of us were born but are under no obligation to perpetuate.

Integrity of individual thought worldwide more than any economic, social, political or military tribal loyalty is a principle worth exercising going forward during the present administration of the United States, for however long it or the U.S. may last and beyond. At minute 4:12 in the following video from last August, I mention that group think, wherever it exists, namely within nations can be as much of a threat as any of the global threats outlined in my website (

This drills process is offered as a working model to help forge a more productive agenda than maintaining the current global status quo of fighting or preparing to fight against ourselves as humans. Even if you disagree with my approach, feel free to use any part or all of my framework to try and make our world better from your perspective and/or position within an organization.

Ideally, we should be marshaling the best ideas from across the political spectrum, perhaps in a global senate, an idea to be outlined in a later post. (See minute 1:42 to 2:17 of the video below from last November in which I introduce details in scroll form.)

Planetary defense link

Planetary defense

A collection of ideas and efforts to prevent human extinction from Earth-crossing orbits (ECOs) of asteroids and comets that become potentially hazardous objects (PHOs).

Pandemics of disease link

Pandemics of disease

Persistent threats to the human family that emerge and reemerge across the face of Earth with potential to cause extinction or near-extinction. Pandemics can be combated through accelerated medical research at the International Space Station.




International Space Station

International Space Station

A partnership among Canada, Europe, Japan, Russia and the United States. The ISS is a precedent for and a record of lessons learned in planning and executing multinational collaborative space exploration initiatives.