SOWING ACCORD 6: A four-point framework for powering down the nation-state system (1648-present) while powering up solar system exploration (2021–2030) among eight billion humans

1) Global elitists in control of current nations and multinational corporations become co-equal parts of a team of eight billion humans, jettisoning current pariah status among the human majority.

2) Exchange of currencies, including cryptocurrencies and social credit systems, vestiges of [ancient Mesopotamia-derived] artificial scarcity-based economics is replaced with synergistic interchange, a form of abundance-based economics necessary for expanded space exploration— wealth redefined as generating new knowledge, primarily through constantly preventing extinction from multiple enduring and evolving omnidirectional threats.

3) Cultural bioregions based on natural and feasible subdivisions of continents on Earth replace nation-states to more effectively divide initial and general responsibilities of becoming a solar system and then galactic human civilization. The North-South oriented large divisions of a) Asia-Pacific, b) The Americas and c) Africa-Europe may suffice without further division. A global parliament based on such outlines may not be necessary if unified action through perpetual esprit de corp is rooted laterally, eliminating hierarchical organization altogether from the ongoing human experience. Questions of instituting a global/human parliament, including eventually at the interplanetary and/or galactic levels can be decided/planned for through online referenda of the human population after 2021 but before 2024.

4) Departments within current institutions of higher education Earth-wide, private and public replace multinational corporations in an adapted form resembling guilds but open to all humans for learning, contributing and accelerating all current and future disciplines.

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