SOWING ACCORD 6: A four-point framework for powering down the nation-state system (1648-present) while powering up solar system exploration (2021–2030) among eight billion humans

1) Global elitists in control of current nations and multinational corporations become co-equal parts of a team of eight billion humans, jettisoning current pariah status among the human majority.

2) Exchange of currencies, including cryptocurrencies and social credit systems, vestiges of [ancient Mesopotamia-derived] artificial scarcity-based economics is replaced with synergistic interchange, a form of abundance-based economics necessary for expanded space exploration— wealth redefined as generating new knowledge, primarily through constantly preventing extinction from multiple enduring and evolving omnidirectional threats.

3) Cultural bioregions based on natural and feasible subdivisions of continents on Earth replace nation-states to more effectively divide initial and general responsibilities of becoming a solar system and then galactic human civilization. The North-South oriented large divisions of a) Asia-Pacific, b) The Americas and c) Africa-Europe may suffice without further division. A global parliament based on such outlines may not be necessary if unified action through perpetual esprit de corp is rooted laterally, eliminating hierarchical organization altogether from the ongoing human experience. Questions of instituting a global/human parliament, including eventually at the interplanetary and/or galactic levels can be decided/planned for through online referenda of the human population after 2021 but before 2024.

4) Departments within current institutions of higher education Earth-wide, private and public replace multinational corporations in an adapted form resembling guilds but open to all humans for learning, contributing and accelerating all current and future disciplines.

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SOWING ACCORD 5: July 2121 – a century in review

Backcast scenario sketch: Galactic expansion among humans catapulted by dissolving the nation-state system and artificial scarcity-based economics.

In late July 2021, during the COVID-19 pandemic, a critical mass of humans who had been psychologically entrapped within the nation-state system broke free when confronted with vaccine passport mandates within nations. (Over the previous year of the pandemic, air travel within and between nations had been granted fairly by national leaders after a human tested negative for COVID-19.) After seeing a legitimate negative test result, security officials Earthwide conspired to let passengers board airplanes with fake vaccine passports that in many instances they would hand to travelers themselves. When fired by airport managers, their replacements did the same, quickly demonstrating to all humans that social hierarchies can and ought to be bypassed through human solidarity. This effectively ended the political legitimacy of the nation-state system on Earth that had spawned wars on a near continuous basis since 1648.

Next on the figurative chopping block, reminiscent of the French Revolution was the social hierarchy of scarcity-based economics, unchanged in fundamental form since the agricultural revolution in ancient Mesopotamia. When cryptocurrencies and social credit systems began to be widely understood as hierarchical control systems, derivative of elite private interests controlling nation-states, the very concept of money as had been commonly understood for millennia also ceased to carry legitimacy.

Surprisingly, unlike in the French Revolution and its aftermath, instead of global and sub-national murderous chaos followed by dictatorial rule, synergy of purpose at all levels of human organization rapidly began to take hold — absent the violent repression of humans, physical and mental by a minority of human elitists who ruled over the majority of humans up to that point in ourstory, previously referred to as “history.”

Legislators, executives (public and private) and even lobbyists/special interest groups became parts of an eight billion person self-organizing system/multi-global heterarchy and repurposed all military bases, central bank buildings, public and private schools, colleges and universities and corporate real estate to solve multiple pressing challenges facing all humans both in the short and long terms. Such common sense actions allowed young humans to learn from older humans and vice versa when deciphering how secret military technologies could be used to expand all of human civilization beyond Earth.

5G towers and satellites just coming online for general use were replaced with terrestrial fiber optic cable that had been planned to come online in exponential fashion a generation before. Point to point transmission of data and energy was used primarily among celestial bodies of the home solar system through 2089, the 100 year anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. In that year, the first human outpost was established in another star system and zero-point energy cultivation was generated locally in all buildings, including homes, decentralizing forever human power systems, physical and political. As of July 2121, there are 163 human outposts across 16 star systems, including on Earth in the home solar system, reclassified as an outpost in 2112 — denoting the decentralization of humans exploring the multiverse, primarily through individual human minds.

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SOWING ACCORD 4: A prototype socioeconomic reality of humans advancing across the solar system – 2021-2071

Military industrial complexes (MICs) transformed into exploration information networks (EINs).

The following text is a “prototype sketch” that allows readers to refine concepts on their own and even begin implementing in part(s) as they see fit and are able. This piece is not political analysis (what is), political commentary (what and who is to blame) or an international/national security scenario (what could happen).

  • Integrated cultural bioregions replace the nation-state system at some point before 2030, technically in effect since 1648 (373 years as of 2021)
  • Synergistic interchange replaces one dimensional exchange as currently experienced within all artificial scarcity-based economic constructs – capitalism, socialism, barter, cryptocurrencies and social credit systems
  • Existing scarcity-based public and private contracts transformed with paradigm change from militaries declassifying over-the-horizon research and development projects
  • Free (scarcity-based concept not applicable in this prototype sketch) K-Ph.D. among public universities and university/lab schools worldwide provide the basis for unleashing common scientific and intercultural understanding and eventually optimized human social dynamics across the solar system, en route to becoming galactic and intergalactic civilizations over time spans yet to be determined
  • Free-rider problem absorbed by exponential innovation and novel invitations of open experimentation across research sectors inspiring self-motivation/actualization – medical, aviation, human potential, integrated artificial intelligence etc.

Think what cannot be done today and achieve it by tonight, or overnight – at least in prototype form.

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SOWING ACCORD 3: Why do we really live?

A hard question with “cheat sheet” provided.

During this uncertain time, wherever we are in our world and in our individual lives, we all need to ask ourselves: Why do we really live? If our honest answers are any of the following, they are not good enough.

1) To keep living

2) To provide for our children

3) To live for our parents/elders

4) To live for a government/hierarchy

5) To live for a political party

6) To live for a branch of a military

7) To play or coach a sport professionally

8) To accumulate resources for a corporation

9) To offer allegiance to a cult leader

10) To create more human life

11) To enjoy telling other humans what to do

12) To preserve a static “race” or culture

13) To feel superior to other humans

14) To see the world(s)

If our honest answers are any of the above, this does not mean that we are unworthy of life, only that we are not really living, yet. We just need to keep asking this question. If after much reflection, our answers are close to any of the following, we can keep living a more fulfilling life…

1) To explore and understand

2) To create technology and art

3) To belong by earning appreciation

Note the overlap between the above worthy and unworthy answers. Why might that be? That’s a tougher question requiring tougher thinking to answer. Try.

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SOWING ACCORD 2: Humans on the move

Prospects for synergistic power across the solar system and eventually beyond.

We now have the opportunity to construct synergistic power among close to eight billion individual humans. If we the majority of humans focus on doing this in many ways both preliminary and eventual, those few who guard their entrenched power relative to others in the current status quo will come to see advantages to their quality and length of lives from our inclusive efforts.

We can redesign our social structures to maximize individual freedom as well as foundational needs. No revolution, evolution, devolution or power-corrupting hierarchies are necessary. Synergistic-heterarchical mobilization among empowered individuals is practical rather than utopian in thought. Present achievements through hierarchical human power are at best duplicated and at worst functioning at cross purposes. We have many threats to continually overcome, as a human team:

3×3 Global Drills Worksheet Problem Set.

Most humans are emotionally connected and legally constrained by our nations of birth or adoption, for good and bad. What is also clear is that the 373 year old nation-state system that is based on exclusivity and that emerged from the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648 is proving incapable of serving us optimally, pandemic or not. This is a harsh reality among many. Before we eventually power down the nation-state system, though preserve and extend associated universal values if we can, we need to have built a worthy replacement that will be ready to come online. That endeavor is beyond the scope of this one article but that does not mean that we have to engineer something overly complex. In fact, just the opposite is needed. Think of a multi-person rowing shell as an analogy from the perspective of design. Sowing Accord plans to offer frequent input to all concerned who together have the power to do what is responsible and bold. This video from September 2020 is an example:

Equally, as most all of us have been born into the social system of scarcity-based economics, we confuse it with an unchangeable force of nature because it has remained unchanged since Mesopotamia in its fundamental structure. An excellent voice on this topic is financial economist Armen Papazian and his innovation/proposal, Public Capitalization Notes, in terms of enabling large-scale and long-term human space exploration. How we might replace scarcity-based economics will not be outlined in this brief article. However, consider viewing the following video from August 2017, the first of seven on abundance-based interchange economics from 2017-2019 to spawn new thinking, hopefully:

More specific and nuanced articles will be written not in the form of arguments but as mini-prototypes that consider multiple-opposing points of view, resulting eventually in what is known as single-text negotiation. This innovation was pioneered by U.S. diplomat Ralph Bunche in 1948, one of many influences to be discussed in Sowing Accord going forward.

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SOWING ACCORD 1: Post-hierarchical political and economic options from a solar systems perspective

Prospects for human expansion beyond Earth, enabled by a knowledge-based economic system yielding practical abundance through interchange (not exchange) and non-authoritarian heterarchy.

Welcome to Sowing Accord, a new project of mine here at 3×3 Global Drills. After receiving my Ph.D. in political science (international relations) from the University of Hawaii at Manoa in 2012, I wrote the second edition of Homeplanet Defense (2014, 2005) and taught international relations in Mexico from 2015 to 2016 as a guest instructor at Tecnologico de Monterrey – Campus Cuernavaca. I have decided to write and create more video about 1) post-hierarchy prototyping, 2) abundance-based economics and 3) synergistic human expansion across the solar system(s). More background on these ideas can be found at, and

Martin Schwab

Many thanks for whatever you can give at the moment (non-tax-deductible) within the current artificial scarcity-based economic paradigm to help me advance this work. Donate as you see fit:

Abundance-based interchange economics

An addition of a new perspective from deep in the mountains of southern Mexico to my YouTube videos from 2017, “Abundance-based Global Currency 1-4 | 3×3 Global Drills Worksheet Series.”

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