3×3 Global Drills being run in an undergraduate political science course, Global Politics/International Relations at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, Spring 2012.

Prevent human extinction

Humans have always been vulnerable to natural forces from within, across and beyond Earth, including but not limited to supervolcanoes, pandemics of disease and potentially hazardous asteroids on Earth-crossing orbits. Small teams prototype global responses with the aid of a specially-designed worksheet that integrates three disciplinary perspectives – 1) Cosmic, 2) Individual/Societal and 3) Environmental, with three geographic perspectives – those of the 1) Asia-Pacific, 2) the Americas and 3) Africa-Europe.

The drills process optimizes the traditional Case and Harkness methods of inquiry through pan-disciplinary collaboration. “Serendipity by design” enables six people or less at a time to generate new ideas while alternating teams of six observe different approaches to global mega-threats from their own, each in 45-minute periods of deliberation. The operating principle for such manner of interaction is “reflective intensity,” as found in war room settings but antithetical to war itself. Participants in the drills learn from their mistakes through 15-minute debriefings, followed by individual writing of nine-part strategies. The content and number of drills can be customized.

More information can be found on the New Idea and Drills webpages above.