Martin Schwab preparing the classroom in an undergraduate political science course, Global Politics/International Relations, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Spring 2012.

The drills process offers a wider box of thought in which to integrate and evaluate diverse human perception. Through small group drills, six people or less can approach one or more global mega-threats under extreme time pressure, though in a reflective manner to produce nine-part strategies of any length. Different small groups can rotate into six seats of global responsibility to amend strategies or approach other global mega-threats after observing previous deliberations. Drills can be repeated for any amount of time that is available to any given organization.


1) A Constant Threat to Solar Systems
Gamma-ray bursts of radiation from hypernovae within the Milky Way and human research into evasion and other protective countermeasures.
2) Multi-global Defense Systems
Asteroids and comets on Earth-crossing orbits and space-based, Earth-based and Mars-based countermeasures through global collaboration.
3) Multi-global Climate Change
Climate change on Venus, Earth and Mars and humans at Mars for comparative planetology, emergency backup and Earth restart.

4) From Yellowstone to Mars and Back
Supervolcanoes on Earth and Mars and humans at Mars for comparative planetology, emergency backup and Earth restart.
5) Evacuate Earth’s Coasts within 40 Years
Rapid climate change on Earth yields worst-case scenario of three to ten feet of global sea rise by 2060.
6) Thirsty, Salty and Sunny
Freshwater scarcity across inner solar system and harnessing space-based solar power for seawater desalination on Earth.
7) Humans vs. Diseases
Rapid pandemics of disease on Earth and accelerated medical research at the International Space Station.
8) Beyond Scarcity-based Economics
Current scarcity-based economic paradigm on Earth juxtaposed against abundant potential of knowledge generation as an emerged global/universal currency.
9) Nuclear Transformations
Nuclear powers across Earth reconfigure national arsenals and other assets into common global defenses against potentially hazardous asteroids and comets in addition to sustained lunar and Martian scientific expeditions.