SOWING ACCORD 3: Why do we really live?

A hard question with “cheat sheet” provided.

During this uncertain time, wherever we are in our world and in our individual lives, we all need to ask ourselves: Why do we really live? If our honest answers are any of the following, they are not good enough.

1) To keep living

2) To provide for our children

3) To live for our parents/elders

4) To live for a government/hierarchy

5) To live for a political party

6) To live for a branch of a military

7) To play or coach a sport professionally

8) To accumulate resources for a corporation

9) To offer allegiance to a cult leader

10) To create more human life

11) To enjoy telling other humans what to do

12) To preserve a static “race” or culture

13) To feel superior to other humans

14) To see the world(s)

If our honest answers are any of the above, this does not mean that we are unworthy of life, only that we are not really living, yet. We just need to keep asking this question. If after much reflection, our answers are close to any of the following, we can keep living a more fulfilling life…

1) To explore and understand

2) To create technology and art

3) To belong by earning appreciation

Note the overlap between the above worthy and unworthy answers. Why might that be? That’s a tougher question requiring tougher thinking to answer. Try.

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