Your own thoughts are needed from around our world

Our world as it is, compromised of powerful and weak nation-states and multinational corporations all guarding their own interests is an inherently unstable system. Chaotic events, particularly since the period from September 2001 to November 2016, itself a chaotic transition may be the logical outcome of the world system into which all of us were born but are under no obligation to perpetuate.

Integrity of individual thought worldwide more than any economic, social, political or military tribal loyalty is a principle worth exercising going forward during the present administration of the United States, for however long it or the U.S. may last and beyond. At minute 4:12 in the following video from last August, I mention that group think, wherever it exists, namely within nations can be as much of a threat as any of the global threats outlined in my website (

This drills process is offered as a working model to help forge a more productive agenda than maintaining the current global status quo of fighting or preparing to fight against ourselves as humans. Even if you disagree with my approach, feel free to use any part or all of my framework to try and make our world better from your perspective and/or position within an organization.

Ideally, we should be marshaling the best ideas from across the political spectrum, perhaps in a global senate, an idea to be outlined in a later post. (See minute 1:42 to 2:17 of the video below from last November in which I introduce details in scroll form.)

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