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International Space Station

A partnership among Canada, Europe, Japan, Russia and the United States. The ISS is a precedent for and a record of lessons learned in planning and executing multinational collaborative space exploration initiatives.




Education Advancement Fund International

Since its founding in 2002, Education Advancement Fund International (EAFI) has initiated various programs to facilitate international education exchange, cultural understanding, global education reform and gender equality in education by assisting poor, minority and learning disabled students to overcome financial barriers to appropriate education.




Theresa Hitchens, Future Security in Space: Charting a Cooperative Course (2004)

Theresa Hitchens is a former defense issues journalist. She has served as the editor of Defense News, the director of the Center for Defense Information (CDI) in Washington, D.C. and the director of the United Nations Institution for Disarmament Research (UNIDR) in Geneva.




Campaign for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly (UNPA)

Established in 2007, UNPA meets annually in different cities of the world to draft declarations for how best to achieve representative democracy through the United Nations system.




Charles M. Overby, A Call for Peace (1998)

Charles M. Overby wrote this analytical text on the implications of Japan’s war-renouncing constitution post World War II. Overby flew bombing missions during the conflict between the United Nations and North Korea in the 1950s before serving as a professor of industrial and systems engineering at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, USA.