Collaborative Chessboard (2012)

Beyond money and nations

Many technological approaches exist to tap practical energy abundance all around us. Present global scarcity-based economic systems (capitalism, socialism and their varieties including crypto-currencies) retard expressions of our ingenuity. As humans, we are faced with a natural imperative to prevent scarcity-based economics from sabotaging our present and future and those of our descendants. (See Drill 8 in context of other drills in link above.)

Following World War II, the emergence of economic, social and political globalization has been guaranteed through an expansive military presence by the United States. For the most part, what might be regarded as “American Empire,” meaning U.S. military hegemony has prevented full-scale inter-state wars. For a variety of reasons, this configuration of brute power is unsatisfactory to the majority of humans. As we fight and/or deter ourselves, we do so under ever-present mega-threats, most of which go unseen because we are not fully oriented to the idea that we exist precariously in an unforgiving solar system.

Earth is an unstable point in a brutal universe, vulnerable to dynamic forces within, on and beyond the planet. Multiple global mega-threats include but are not limited to uncharted asteroids and comets on Earth-crossing orbits, rapid pandemics of disease and supervolcanoes. All such challenges can be met in part through increased human and robotic presence on the moon, Mars and space stations by accelerating technologies in concert among military industrial complexes worldwide.

The 17th through present quarter century paradigm of maintaining global balance of power among contending nation-states is given as dysfunctional in 3×3 Global Drills. By adopting and practicing a more relevant paradigm of global synergistic power, small groups and individuals can imagine appropriate transformations of current global economic, social, political and military institutions for the 2020s and beyond.