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Frank White, The Overview Effect: Space Exploration and Human Evolution (1998, 1987)

Frank White uses interviews and writings by 29 astronauts and cosmonauts to show how circling the Earth every 90 minutes and viewing it from our moon have profoundly affected their perceptions of themselves, their world and the future. White imagines how a permanent perspective from outer space beyond excessive nationalism can affect politics, religion, social relations, psychology, economics and the hard sciences. Potential rebellion by human space settlers and human contact with extraterrestrial beings are also examined.




Education Advancement Fund International

Since its founding in 2002, Education Advancement Fund International (EAFI) has initiated various programs to facilitate international education exchange, cultural understanding, global education reform and gender equality in education by assisting poor, minority and learning disabled students to overcome financial barriers to appropriate education.




Theresa Hitchens, Future Security in Space: Charting a Cooperative Course (2004)

Theresa Hitchens is a former defense issues journalist. She has served as the editor of Defense News, the director of the Center for Defense Information (CDI) in Washington, D.C. and the director of the United Nations Institution for Disarmament Research (UNIDR) in Geneva.





Supervolcanoes on Earth have the potential to extinguish the human family in the absence of human settlements off the homeplanet.

Campaign for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly (UNPA)

Established in 2007, UNPA meets annually in different cities of the world to draft declarations for how best to achieve representative democracy through the United Nations system.




Wernher von Braun, The Mars Project (1991, 1962, 1953)

Wernher von Braun was briefly imprisoned by Heinrich Himmler (Gestapo) during World War II for being suspected of discussing how to send 70 plus humans to Mars instead of bombing London with the V-1 and V-2 rockets. Von Braun became the father of the United States space program. His engineering team created the Saturn V rocket booster that took the first humans to Earth’s moon.




Chris Anderson, “The Tragically Neglected Economics of Abundance,” The Long Tail on Wired Blog Network, March 6, 2005.

Any form of abundance-based economics is necessary though not sufficient to solve any global issue(s). Accepting the premise of scarcity-based economics will automatically result in the failure of any creative global solution, such as “green capitalism” or “democratic socialism.”

Abundance-based economics assumes that Earth is one component of a solar system and universe that is an open system of systems to be harvested. Scarcity-based economics, whether rooted in capitalism, socialism or barter assumes that Earth is a closed-loop system to be controlled.




Charles M. Overby, A Call for Peace (1998)

Charles M. Overby wrote this analytical text on the implications of Japan’s war-renouncing constitution post World War II. Overby flew bombing missions during the conflict between the United Nations and North Korea in the 1950s before serving as a professor of industrial and systems engineering at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, USA.




Center for Disaster Management (Pitt)

The center for Disaster Management was established by Dr. Louise Comfort at the University of Pittsburgh, perhaps the world’s authority on post-seismic emergency communication response. Her Interactive, Intelligent, Spatial Information System (IISIS) is a global model in decision support.




Astronaut Story Musgrave (NASA)

Dr. Story Musgrave is the only astronaut to fly aboard all five United States space shuttles. In addition to photographing Earth from low Earth orbit (LEO) by taking time away from both his sleep and eating schedule during his missions, Dr. Musgrave offers more extensive individual reflection on our past, present and future in the universe through his personal website above. See also for Musgrave’s space photography.